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Stay connected with Elderlies after the Corona outbreak using Ring n Bring Vita solution

Stay connected with Elderlies after the Corona outbreak using Ring n Bring Vita solution


How to stay connected to your Elderly loved ones with Ring n Bring - Vita after the spread of COVID-19

As the rest of the world was asked to practice social distancing, our elderly loved ones were mandated to practice isolation in order to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, they are the most vulnerable group to the COVID-19 disease. It is all of our responsibility to step up and provide our elderly the care needed to stay virtually connected with them, fulfill all their daily needs, and make sure they’re secure.

Ring n Bring - Vita was initially created to ensure your elderly loved ones stay connected to their family members and caregivers, without compromising their feeling of independence. Before the unfortunate outbreak of the Coronavirus, our team was already focused to finalize and develop Vita. Vita offers a way to stay connected with your elderly loved one, ensuring their requests are always heard remotely, and avoiding any unnecessary physical connection that may harm them these days.

The Ring n Bring - Vita solution is a senior-friendly, stand-alone device placed wherever your elderly spends most of their day. It contains up to eight request buttons easily tailored and created to match the needs of your senior, through the Vita mobile application of a caregiver or a family member’s smartphone. Request buttons can also be set as people’s profiles, to allow the elderly to stay easily connected. Also, it provides reminders and notifications to assure important routines are not missed, such as medication, tests, and meal times. To add a little touch, we included the family gallery feature. This allows seniors to scroll through pictures uploaded by connected family members living abroad.

Here are 5 ways Vita allows stay connected with your elderly loved one, without making them prone to the Coronavirus:

Video calling

Our elderlies can now directly hop into video calls with their beloved family to catch up, or simply say hello! Buttons can be pre-set to instantly video call any family member of their choosing. This way, seniors can always stay in contact with their loved ones, with no technological complications that come with smartphones today.

Sweet messages and Check-ups

Have you ever tried to reach out to your elderly, just to check up on them, but took a while to hear back from them? Their phone is most probably missing. Never worry if your elderly’s mobile phone is misplaced between the couch pillows, over the microwave, or next to the toilet sink again! The Vita device/s is to be placed wherever your seniors spend most of their day. That way, a pop-up will display a message until it is replied to with a simple “Yes or No”. For example, “did you take your meds today Grandma?” Stay in touch to know how their day is going, whether they have taken their medication or done their daily exercise routines.

Reminders for elderly, caretaker and family member

Make sure your seniors receive reminders on their medication times, exercise routines, and meals. You can set daily, hourly, and weekly reminders to ensure you and your elderly never forget important tasks such as checking one’s glucose. Relatively, caretakers and family members can receive notifications through the vita app to ensure such routines are attended for.

Keep physical distancing, yet stay connected

To ensure the safety of our elderly loved ones, we’ve all taken a step back and avoid all physical connections with them. However, this does not mean losing the social connection. The Vita device allows your elderly to call out for help when needed, request their necessities, and stay in touch with their family.

Stay virtually connected with your elderly, as it is our duty to love and take care of them as they have once cared for us. We all use smartphones to stay connected, however, this is not an option for the elderly as they aren't as tech-savvy. Vita offers all this, with an extremely senior-friendly interface. Using a simple tap of a button, easily set by a caregiver or family member, your elderly can request anything they need.

Video Gallery, the extra touch

This is an extra feature tailored to the kind hearts of our elderlies. All connected family members can now send through instant photos to be stored in the elderly’s Vita photo gallery. We all have been asked to share pictures with our seniors. However, the gap of technical knowledge between generations prevents that from easily happening.

Now your elderly loved ones can scroll through their gallery to check sent-through pictures from family members living all over the world. All in one. Just a tap away.