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    Designed with care for your elderly loved ones.

    Vita is an easy-to-use, always-on device made for your elderly. It allows you to stay connected, set daily medical reminders, and customize request buttons dedicated to their daily needs.

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All your senior’s needs are now a single tap away. Daily requests, medication reminders, and an easy access to loved ones.

RingnBringvita RnBvita

Customizable request buttons

Create & edit up to 8 daily request buttons tailored to your elderly

Stay connected with family members

Set video calls and checkups, to be a tap away

RingnBringvita RnBvita Helpathome Nursinghome

*Please note: Ring N Bring requires stable and reliable WiFi.

Secured Daily Medication

Set daily reminders & keep caretaker/s informed of your loved ones’ daily medication

Family Gallery

Have all your Vita connected family members’ photos easily accessible by your elderly


All your senior’s needs are now a single tap away. Daily requests, medication reminders, and an easy access to loved ones.

RingnBringvita RnBvita Caregiving Caretaker

Configure request buttons

Request Buttons can be completely personalized to suit the specific needs of your loved one.
*Once saved. Changes will be automatically viewed on the device.

Set daily reminders

Assure that your elderly remembers their medication, exercise routines, healthy drinks etc.

Share family images

Upload images from your Vita mobile app for your loved ones’ from anywhere.

Effortless check ups

Drop a quick message to check up on your loved one, or get on a video call!

How to: Customize the Elderly’s device through your Vita mobile application

After scanning & connecting to the device, using our Vita mobile app available on iOS & Android, you can fully personalize it; Requests can be sent from app to device, device to app, or device to device.

RingnBringvita RnBvita Assistedliving Smarthome

- Add / Edit from 1 to 8 buttons
- Each button can contain 1 or more actions
- Actions vary; from a simple request for a glass of water via an app message, to sending a SMS message calling for help, to video chatting with a relative living abroad. These actions can be directed to whomever is connected to the Vita device. All translated to big, colorful, simple buttons your elderly would love!

Examples; “Can I have Water Please?”, “Medicine Please”, “Video call Mark”, “Help!”, “Breakfast Please”, “Need to use the Restroom”.

- Set daily reminders (ex. Medication)
- Make reminders recurrent (hourly, daily, weekly)

Check up on your loved ones remotely with a single push of a button. Connect your family to the Vita device, your elderly loved one can remotely check up on family.

Our special feature - Upload images directly from your gallery for your elderly to scroll through them seamlessly. We all had grandpa or grandma ask for pictures, it makes them extremely happy :)

Send through simple messages; ex: “Feeling better today?”, “Took your medications?” for a simpler Yes/No answer from your elderly to make sure they are doing okay!

Nothing beats feeling safe and secure about your seniors” to “Stay up to date with your elderly’s well-being

Ring n Bring - Vita application is now available on iOS & Android to connect and fully customize your Vita device!
RingnBringvita RnBvita Seniorcare Elderlycare

A Senior Friendly Device:

Ring n Bring Vita is designed for your elderly loved one’s homecare assistance. It provides an easier communication solution between the seniors & their caregivers. It displays big, senior-friendly buttons that are customizable through the mobile app of a family member or caretaker. In addition you can set daily healthcare reminders that assures safety while aging at home. Last but not least, we also added the “Family Gallery” feature specifically for our elderly loved ones. Now all connected family members, wherever they may be, can upload family photos for their seniors to just scroll through in their personal gallery!

Grant you and your elderly, Peace of Mind:

Set up your Ring n Bring Vita device wherever your seniors spend most of their time at home. Your elderly can then request or connect within arms reach, and stay rest assured that their needs are always heard.

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